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Configure my Pizza or Burger? -No prob!

So you are hearing good things about The Brogue take home menu and you want to try it.

You look at the menu and thick feck it’s too plain for me I want my food different.

Well that is easy enough to sort!

So if you want to customize your pizza for example… lets say you want a few extra bits on there like onions, mushrooms, jalepenos and chorizio..

Just pick “custom pizza” and start writing out whatever you want to have on that pizza in the “order notes” at the end.

If you want to customize your burger then pick which size you want(Eg 1/4 pounder, 1/2 pounder, Belter or Royale) and in “order notes” then say I dont want cheese,I dont want mushrooms or onions etc… or make the 1/2 pounder plain with bacon-no sauce!

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